Villa La Peyriere Payments

Payment Options For Guests

We can offer our guests a variety of different payment options to choose from including bank transfer and credit card payments. The following is an outline of the various payment option available to guests.

Bank Transfer

Only advisable if transferring funds from the United Kingdom or EU zone countries.

Warning – Banks almost always use a third party when transferring internationally who charge fees which often you will not know about. Previous guest have encountered hidden fees when transferring funds from places such as Australia and North America.


Recommended when transferring funds from Australia, Canada or the United States. OFX offers a secure transfer service with very low and visible fees.

Fees Charged By OFX

(correct at time of writing, please do own research  )

Australia to France:

Canada to France:

U.S.A to France:

U.K to France:

  • No Fee for transfers
  • Minimum transfer £100


If guests wish we can accept credit card payments through the Paypal’s payment facility. PayPal charges 5% for using this service.

Security Deposit

Paypal is also used for Security Deposits as it attracts no fees because we are returning the money within a 60 day period (providing there is no damage to the property). Security Deposits are refunded within 14 days of guests departure.

Western Union

Transfer from your credit card to our bank account with low fees via a secure server.

Further details can be seen here


If guests wish we can accept credit card payments through the Home Away payment facility.

Note however that Home Away have recently introduced a mandatory Service Fee to be charged to guests booking through their website. Typically fees are 6% of the rental cost and are in addition to any credit card fees. So for a typical booking you could expect to pay in excess of 8% in fees and charges if using Home Away.

Home Away claim that the fee charged is for the “protection of travellers”. However French Law already offers consumers protection against dishonest operators. Details can be viewed here:

We believe to fees charged by Home Away are excessive and therefore guests may wish to consider the alternative payment options listed on this page.

If you would like to know more information around the issue of charging travellers a mandatory Service Fee visit


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