Villa La Peyriere Appliance Guides

Nespresso Coffee Machine – How To Use

Nespresso Coffee Machine – Tips

  • Rinse machine before and after use by running without a capsule.
  • Dispose of used capsule and empty drip tray after use.

MIlk Frother – How To Use

Bialetti Milk Frother – Tips

  • Rinse after use.
  • Whisk is removable to facilitate easy cleaning.
  • Never immerse in water.

Gas BBQ – How To Use

BBQ – Tips

  • Turn the gas bottle on by turning regulator leaver up and pressing the activation switch on the regulator to initiate gas flow.
  • To light the BBQ turn both knobs to high (you will hear the gas flow) and press the ignition switch several times until the BBQ lights. You will hear it light and feel the heat once lit.
  • Once finished turn regulator leaver to off position.
  • Clean the BBQ after use.

Dishwasher – How To Use

Dishwasher – Tips

  • #1 – On / Off – Button
  • # 2 – Program “P”
  • Cycle through program to select desired wash cycle.
  • P 2 is the recommended cycle

Chromecast – How to Use

Chromecast Tips:

Ensure that you are on the local network

All apps that employ chromecast work in a similar fashion.